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About Us

      Pampas & Reed is where East meets West Naturally. We're a small Canadian business specializing in hair and body products where we believe that luxury is not just in packaging, but also in the ingredients and processes.

We understand that our techniques can be costly, but we believe in affordable luxury and that everyone deserves to indulge in good ingredients at an attainable price. 


      Pampas & Reed is inspired by the beauty of the prairies where we live. Watching grass waves in the wind, admiring the vibrancy of canola fields, and our love for our local ornamental grass -Feather reeds. Pampas grass reminded us of the graceful beauty of grass waves and reeds are one of our favourite decorative grasses in autumn.

      We use all natural ingredients to develop our body and hair care products and we do our best to choose organic ingredients and local suppliers among choosing sustainable packaging that you can repurpose! We believe that it's not just the skin on our face that's important and should use clean, all natural ingredients, but also the rest of our body! All our products that contain oils are almost always infused with botanical herbs to reap the wholesome benefits of herbs and oils together. These oils infuse for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Dry Plants
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