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Handcrafted Body Care

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Self care is not just about taking a bubble bath and drinking fancy wine. It's about taking that time for yourself without the need to feel guilty about it.

It could be as simple as massaging that body cream into your skin for an extra couple minutes, sloughing away dry skin, or finding that perfect escape from reality by lighting some incense and doing something you enjoy like reading, knitting, exercise, or cooking.

What ever it might be, we want you to know that we will be here for all your self care needs.


Newest Additions

Discover Affordable Luxury


It started as a passion for effective hair and body care using ingredients that nature has to offer.
We developed Pampas & Reed to not only encompass wholesome, effective ingredients, but also highlight that luxury can be affordable and simple.

We value good quality so that's why our products are priced fairly and put together in small batches 
-handcrafted just for you!

Botanics bath soak


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Feel free to visit our Stocklist page to learn where you can find our products!

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