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Bath Soak


  • Do you ship internationally
    Yes, we do ship most products internationally, but we ship all products to the U.S! Shipping internationally is a flat rate charge, so whether you only want 1 item, 12 or 30, the shipping will be the same price. We offer free shipping to Canada and the U.S. for orders over $65. Packages are a flat rate for unders the minimum.
  • Are all your ingredients sourced locally?
    We do our best to support Canadian suppliers for ingredients; however, living in Canada limits our carrier oil resources to approximately 10 different varieties. We want to provide you with the best quality ingredients which includes various global sources too!
  • Do you provide samples of your products?
    Yes! We offer deluxe samples of a variety of products if you're not sure what to get! It might not be our whole collection but we chose some of our favourites to join our samples collection. PS. These samples may change seasonally.
  • My product came damaged, what can I do?"
    We definitely do our best to securely pack your order with compostable filler (paper or otherwise), and although we hope it never happens, sometimes rough handling occurs and it's not in our control. Please take pictures of the damaged product and send us an email and include your invoice number. Replacement products will only be sent 48 hours after product is received and damaged is observed.
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