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All Natural Beauty Products

Pampas & Reed Crafts All Natural Beauty Products and Skincare with Sustainable Packaging.

When winter rounds the corner and the temperatures begin to drop, our skincare routines have to adjust to the situation. Cold temperatures and cutting wind can impact the health and nourishment of your skin. To look your best throughout the season, you'll want to make sure that you have an all natural skincare routine from Pampas & Reed by your side. Using natural skincare products is one thing, but adding the bonus of using skincare with sustainable packaging can’t be beat. At Pampas and Reed, they believe in producing skincare with sustainable packaging that can be repurposed instead of wasteful. You are not only using products with safe ingredients in them, but packaging that has more of a purpose than to be thrown away. 

Today, we are going to discuss all natural beauty products at Pampas & Reed!

Shop Today For All Natural Beauty Products

Pampas & Reed was founded with a focus on affordable and attainable luxury. Their team has focused on crafting products made only from the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients in the region. With a dynamic view on luxury and sustainability, Pampas & Reed puts effort into every product to ensure that it matches their vision for a brighter future. To understand some of the all natural beauty products available at Pampas & Reed, let's examine a few of their most popular items!

1) Gypso Body Cream - Gypso is known for its floral-scented, light-orange color. Developed as a nourishing body cream, this Gypso product is brimming with premium antioxidants and essential oils. Among the top listed ingredients in this product, you will find Kokum, Pumpkin Seed, Green Tea Butter, and Cranberry Oil.

2) Overnight Dry Shampoo - For those 'no-wash days', you still will want to grab your Overnight Dry Shampoo by Pampas & Reed. This dry shampoo is ideal for traveling or sleepovers. Just apply before you sleep and comb it out when you awake.

3) Classic Bath Soak - Finally, Pampas & Reed understands that luxury and comfort should always coincide. The Classic Bath Soak features coconut milk as a foundation to provide a nourishing albeit fragrance-free bath.

To explore further all natural beauty products, check out Pampas & Reed's online shop!

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