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Body Care

Vegan Skin Care For the Best Of Us: Explore Body Care Luxury at Pampas & Reed.

Finding high-quality vegan skin care and body care products can feel like a lesson in frustration. Very few companies focus on creating high-quality products that are vegan-friendly and still luxurious. When you shop at Pampas & Reed, you will find your way to a catalog brimming with amazing body care and vegan skin care solutions. To find the right products for your needs, let's take a walk through selecting your next skincare purchase.

Vegan Skin Care: Luxury You Can Afford at Pampas & Reed

When was the last time that you truly treated yourself to luxurious body care products? Far too often, prohibitively priced products prevent us from ever treating ourselves to the luxury that we need. For that reason, Pampas & Reed has been determined to make great products at even better prices, including a few of their vegan body care solutions.

1) Phalaris Body Cream - This product is ideal for treating dry skin. Infused for up to five weeks with a hydrating oil, the Phalaris Body Cream features a powerful blend of organic herbs and ingredients including Ucuuba and Cupuacu, two South American ingredients known for hydrating properties.

2) Lagurus Body Cream - For an affordable and lightly scented body cream, you can't do better than the Lagurus Body Cream. Lightweight and ideal for moisturizing without that 'greasy feeling', the Lagurus Body Cream is 95% naturally derived and brimming with potent yet gentle ingredients.

Pampas & Reed specializes in crafting body care and vegan skin care solutions from locally sourced, all natural ingredients. The founders of Pampas & Reed focus on putting together sustainable packaging that can be repurposed, as well. Oils are infused with botanical herbs for an infusion that lasts a minimum of four weeks.

If you are ready to start shopping, head to Pampas & Reed to learn more!

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