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What's in our cream

This ingredient highlight features Cupuacu

What is Cupuacu?

It is a butter (pronounced as koo-poo-a-su) and has a firm yet soft texture, and made by cold pressing the seeds of the Cupuaçu tree -native to Brazil. It adds a wonderful silky, rich texture to our creams without being greasy.

The downside to cupuacu is the high costs due to its intensive extraction and processing; meaning it can range from $9-12 per 100g!

So why do you use it?

I wanted to use a butter in my creams to help act as an emollient but without the greasy, heavy, cakey feeling that some butters have. Cupuacu has amazing hydration, soothing, softening, and antioxidant properties while helping with skin elasticity. It can also retain up to 440% of its weight in water which helps those with dry skin by locking in that much needed hydration.

Where can I find it?

You can check our body cream section! All our creams contain cupuacu except for Chaga and Phalaris which use mango butter.


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