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Who We Are

Pampas & Reed was founded out of the lack of natural body care products compared to skincare. It started from a desire to help my sister with her severe eczema on her hands and slowly progressed into a niche market of body scrubs (something I love to use daily in the shower), and as friends and family started hearing about my small business, they asked about things like bath soaks, creams, dry shampoo, and even skincare! We make sure that our products are organic when possible, free of phthalates (plasticizers used as lubricants), parabens (commonly known as artificial preservatives (methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl-)), sulfates (can cause skin irritation), BHT, EDTA, cruelty free, vegan when possible, you get the idea...!

We never thought that we would expand to carry such a wide variety of products but we have you to thank for that! We love taking your suggestions and comments into consideration and have either developed new products or made improvements on past ones because of it!

Affordability is key to us and although our practices may be costly, we are more confident in the end result from ingredients to packaging. Everything is made in small batches to maintain freshness and packaged in glass because it's one of the most easily recyclable, reusable or repurposed material without any concern of the single use plastic from PETs. Forget about not having jars for holding snacks or bathroom toiletries, our jars have you covered!

About Us - Behind the Scenes

Although Pampas & Reed is a one woman show, I have met this special someone who has given the support I could only have dreamed of. He helps with anything that he can and I value his opinion on scents (he likes to call them flavours and it makes me laugh). Simply put, if he doesn't like the combinations I don't use them.

We have so much in common from a love of dragons, liking the same hockey team, to having so many inside jokes. He truly is my better half and what I love the most about him is his love for Asian culture. It's a key requirement that I looked for because of my Chinese and Filipino background because growing up, I adopted both cultures into my life.

He makes us want to pursue this as a full time job and your support and purchases help encourage us to want to keep going and treat this as another way of life.

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